CHRC To Be Present at COPA-Fest 2019

The Chandler HAM Radio club will be making its debut appearance at the Maricopa Amateur Radio Association’s annual HAM-Fest, known as COPA-Fest on Oct 26th, 2019.

We have managed to pull together a fold up canopy, a couple of tables, some chairs and more important, our club banner.  All though we do not have a lot to offer as far as giveaways or raffles, we will have some flyers and more important, letting fellow HAMS in the Chandler area know that there is now a local club for them to be a part of.

Thanks to MARA, Inc for providing us with a space to set up and all the help they are giving us to get this going and to Norm, K7NWF, for organizing our presence at the Fest.