Read the latest Chandler HAM radio Club news and find out what we are up to, and where you can join in on all the fun!

CHRC Approves Sponsoring VE Team

On Saturday Dec 14th, the CHRC voted to approve sponsorship of a VE Team formed with members of our club. The newly formed team consists of 7 to 8 club members and will be able to provide much needed FCC license test sessions here in the East Valley. First test session is already scheduled for …Read More

CHRC Hosts 1st Christmas Party

The Chandler Ham Radio Club held it’s 1st Annual Christmas Party on Dec 15th 2019 at Floridino’s in Chandler, AZ. We had a great turn out and no one walked away hungry. Considering the short time we have been a club and the even shorter time to put this together, everything just fell into place. …Read More

CHRC To Man Booth At SuperFest

The Chandler Ham Radio Club will be manning a booth at the upcoming SuperFest in Mesa, AZ. The event is sponsored by the Superstition Amateur Radio Club and is one of the largest and most attended in the Valley. Stop by and see us. The SuperFest is scheduled for Saturday Dec. 7th, 2019 from 7:30am …Read More

CHRC Is Now ARCA Member

The Chandler Ham Radio Club applied for membership to ARCA and was approved. We are now a member in good standing. We are now affiliated with ARCA, ADAW and ARRL. Good job…we just keep moving forward!

CHRC At COPA-Fest 2019

The Chandler HAM Radio Club made its very first public showing at the COPAFest 2019.   Thank you Maricopa Amateur Radio Club for saving a spot next to you at your event.  We appreciate all you have done to help us get started. Not only was it the Clubs first HAM-Fest, it was also mine (Gary, KI7PBR).  Very nice!!!  I …Read More

CHRC Members Elect Club Treasurer!

The CHRC Board has a new member– Byon Garrabrant, N6BG, has been elected in an email vote as the new CHRC Club Treasurer! Byon will be taking over the role from Gary Laatsch, our Club President, who was acting as treasurer until someone else could be elected. The final vote tally was: Yes votes: 24No …Read More

CHRC Weekly NET moves to 443.050+ PL100

The Chandler Ham Radio Club weekly net (Thursdays at 8pm local time) is moving to a new repeater, effective September 26th, 2019! The Club net was previously being graciously hosted by the South Mountain Users Group on their repeater for the first month or so of it’s run and we would like to thank them …Read More

CHRC is Now an ARRL Member Club

Chandler HAM Radio Club (CHRC) applied for membership to the ARRL in early September of 2019.  We just got news that our application was approved.  As of Sept 15th, 2019, CHRC is officially a member of the ARRL.  Here is a copy of their announcement in the ARRL-AZ Sept 2019 Newsletter. FROM ARRL-AZ NEWSLETTERAffiliated Club …Read More

CHRC Club membership reaches 30 Hams

The Chandler Ham Radio club is growing by leaps and bounds! Since the initial club meeting in July where we had 21 members, the club has grown to 30 members– an amazing increase of nearly 50% in 2 months. Since the July meeting we’ve welcomed Rick Eissinger KR7RIK, Erich Kuntze K9LUF, John Rehak N6HI, David …Read More

CHRC is Now in ADAW!

The Chandler Ham Radio Club is now listed in the ADAW newsletter as a member club. Wooohoo!! ADAW (Arizona Desert Aire Waves) is a monthly newsletter of amateur radio happenings in Arizona. It covers what is going on among many of the ham clubs in Arizona, including ham fests, club meetings, and license testing sessions. …Read More