CHRC At COPA-Fest 2019

Chandler HAM Radio Club at CopaFest 2019

The Chandler HAM Radio Club made its very first public showing at the COPAFest 2019.   Thank you Maricopa Amateur Radio Club for saving a spot next to you at your event.  We appreciate all you have done to help us get started.

Not only was it the Clubs first HAM-Fest, it was also mine (Gary, KI7PBR).  Very nice!!!  I love the fellowship and friendliness of HAM operators.  We also had several residents of Chandler walk by and say, “I didn’t know Chandler had a HAM radio club?”…well 4 months ago we didn’t.  This is exactly why we wanted to attend this event, to get the word out.  For me personally I was able to put actual FACES to many of the operators I have talked to on the air for the last 2+ years.

About 15 to 20 of our existing members showed up as well, the club made a good showing at the event.  At one point there were at least 10 of us just all standing at our booth talking.  That’s what this is all about.

So glad we were able to attend and it was very much a success.  Thank you to all responsible for setting up this event and to our members who participated.  It’s nice to know the members of our club are active in the amateur radio community.

Just the first of many more…

Gary, KI7PBR

CHRC President.

PS:  Just after I wrote this article, 2 new members joined the club bringing our membership to 50!  Both were at the HAMFest.