CHRC Hosts 1st Christmas Party


The Chandler Ham Radio Club held it’s 1st Annual Christmas Party on Dec 15th 2019 at Floridino’s in Chandler, AZ. We had a great turn out and no one walked away hungry. Considering the short time we have been a club and the even shorter time to put this together, everything just fell into place. We only started this club in July of 2019 and we had 22 people at our party. Norm (K7NWF) did a fantastic job putting this together and promoting it in just a few weeks.

Everyone had a great time and we started with dinner. After dinner we do what HAM’s do best, we rag chew. Even the non-HAMs at the event got into the conversations. Topics as always vary tremendously going from “why cant I get my FT2D to program” to “well while they’re talking radios, we could have a secret wine party”.

Thank you to everyone who showed up. Being social it what we are about. Our server Ryan at Floridino’s was superb and he told us we were an amazingly friendly group. Spreading the good will of HAM radio not just on the air, but in all our events as well. What a great group we have already.

See you all next year

N7CHN, Chandler Ham Radio Club