VE Testing

Good morning all members. Just wanted to share some good news with the group. Saturday, 5-30-20 we held a private VE test session at my house after several months being unable to provide this service. I would like to welcome and congratulate  all (4) applicants that took their tests and successfully passed. They were issued their new FCC call sign this early morning.

Alexander Caravajal  (General)  KJ7OFM
Don Quitoriano  (Technician)      KJ7OFN
Howard Newson  (Technician)    KJ7OFO
Michael Reed   (General)            KJ7OFP

I also want to thank Gary Laatsch KI7PBR and Byon Garrabrant N6BG, members of our VE team for their assistance. Very successful morning.

We are going forward with our normal scheduled VE Test session June 13th following our club meeting. If any members are interested in testing that day, please go to our website at  VE testing section, complete the application to be added to the roster.


Norm Fasoletos -K7NWF
CHRC VE Team Leader