VE Testing Results

Good morning all members.  Saturday 6-13-20, we held another VE Test Session following the club meeting which resulted in another successful day of testing. The following list of applicants were issued their new FCC call signs or upgrades yesterday afternoon.

Elliot Reese (Technician)               KJ7OMX
James Revert  (Technician)           KJ7OMY
Dean Athmer  (Extra)                     AI7BB
Brent Yap  (Technician)                  KJ7OMZ
Gustavo Ayala (Technician)           KJ7ONA
Neil Greene (Technician)               KJ7ONB
Carl Mayer (General)                     KJ7ONC
Russell Rowe (Extra)                     AI7BC
Keith Zimmermann (Technician)    KJ7OND
Raymond Anderson (General)       KJ7KCB
Charles Elliot (General)                  KI7PEV 
Ian Lowbridge (Extra)                     KJ7NZR
Royal Mullet (Technician)               KJ7ONE
David Price (Technician)                KJ7ONF
Zachary Heisinger (Technician)     KJ7ONG

I also want to thank Gary Laatsch KI7PBR, Byon Garrabrant N6BG, Hal Mann WA7ZCZ, Tim Theodoseau N1QKD, Jerry Murphy K6LHC, Will Van Wey KI7ZPN, members of our VE team for their assistance. Very successful morning.

Our next scheduled VE Test Session will be August 8th following our club meeting. If any members are interested in testing that day, please go to our website at  VE testing section, complete the application to be added to the roster.