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CHRC Anniversary Pizza Party
CHRC Club Breakfast - Norm, Steve (a future ham), Don, Erich, Gary (left to right)
Chandler Ham Radio Club
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License Testing
Amateur Radio License Testing

Ready to get your amateur radio license, or upgrade to the next license class?

Chandler Ham radio Club offers amateur radio license testing through our Laurel Certified Volunteer Examiner (VE) Team which provides quick processing for all new, upgrades and renewals of amateur radio licenses at no cost.

Click Here For Upcoming Test Sessions

Yaesu Digital WiresX
June 2021
Technical Presentation
June 12, 2021
9:30AM - 10:30AM
C4FM Digital w/WiresX on Yaesu Fusion
w/Derek K7NZ & Neil K9ZSR
Join us Right After the Club Meeting
Veterans Oasis Park Education Center - Jackrabbit Room!
Solar Powered Repeater
July 2021
Technical Presentation
July 10, 2021
9:30AM - 10:30AM
Self-Contained Solar-Powered Repeater
w/Randy MacLean KI7LIM
Join us Right After the Club Meeting
Veterans Oasis Park Education Center - Jackrabbit Room!
Weekly Net
Chandler Ham Radio Club
Weekly Net

Join us Thursday Evenings @ 8PM
443.050+ PL100

Get on the Air for Ham Radio Chatter and Club News

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Chandler Ham Radio Club (CHRC) is a group of Chandler, AZ area Amateur Radio (HAM) enthusiasts who participate in both analog and digital HAM radio. We meet once a month for club business, and once a month for breakfast.

Interested in ham radio?
Come join us at one of our meetings or breakfast socials to learn more.

See our Calendar for dates, times and locations of scheduled social meetups, Nets, and Club Meetings.

The club also provides ham related technical presentations of interest after our regular monthly club meeting business, as well as Amateur Radio licensing test sessions. (See our calendar for details)

We are also available to assist local and state agencies in case of emergency.