Face to Face Meetings resume in June, 2021

Please join us at the Tri-City Baptist Church, Building D Rm 140 for our next club monthly meeting. Also, there will be a presentation immediately following the meeting.

We will be holding our Chandler Ham Radio Club Meetings on the second Saturday of each month at 9 AM.  The meeting will also be available on Zoom via the URL : https://zoom.us/j/91467514941?pwd=aXFjT0ZWRTk5YzFZUUhsZm9lNXhCUT09

We will be having a technical presentation immediately following the club meeting (~9:30AM). See our Calendar for the current topic.

All members are encouraged to attend and we would prefer all participants join with both audio and video.   But please stay muted during the meeting unless you need to be recognized.

Physical Club Meeting Location (Starting Sept 2021)

Tri-City Baptist Church
2211 W. Germann Rd , Building D Room 140
Chandler, AZ, 85286

Physical License Testing Location

Tri-City Baptist Church
2211 W. Germann Rd , Building D Room 170
Chandler, AZ, 85286

The CHRC License Testing room is Located on Germann Rd just west of S Dobson Rd in Chandler. One mile south of the  202L freeway. Note: There is no east bound Dobson exit from 202L, take Price Rd to Germann.

The room is located in building D located behind the church. Drive to the rear of the parking lot where there are several buildings, locate Building D and the room is located on the left (east) side rear of the building as shown on the map.