CHRC Weekly NET moves to 443.050+ PL100

The Chandler Ham Radio Club weekly net (Thursdays at 8pm local time) is moving to a new repeater, effective September 26th, 2019!

The Club net was previously being graciously hosted by the South Mountain Users Group on their repeater for the first month or so of it’s run and we would like to thank them again for generously allowing us to use it.

However, as this repeater is actually intended for Emergency use, and not for general rag chewing and socializing, CHRC has decided not to tie up the SMUG repeater if we don’t have to, so it’s available for it’s original use.

So the club members and board suggested and examined a number of different repeaters and were offered a slot on the MARCA repeater, which also resides on South Mountain, but has typically not had a lot of recent traffic.

After asking the club members to check out their signal strength and reception into the repeater, we were happy to accept the offer. It was decided by a vote to move our weekly net to the MARCA repeater.

So program your radios for 443.050+ PL100 and join us for our next weekly Net!

Thank you MARCA for providing our NET with a new home!