CHRC is Now in ADAW!

The Chandler Ham Radio Club is now listed in the ADAW newsletter as a member club. Wooohoo!!

ADAW (Arizona Desert Aire Waves) is a monthly newsletter of amateur radio happenings in Arizona. It covers what is going on among many of the ham clubs in Arizona, including ham fests, club meetings, and license testing sessions.

This month, ADAW has published a great little article feature written by CHRC President, Gary Laatsch, on the formation of the Chandler Ham Radio Club in it’s September 2019 issue.

We are excited for the additional exposure for our club, and want to thank ADAW for their excellent work in keeping the Arizona ham community in the loop.

(One small giggle and a correction to our club officers as noted in the ADAW newsletter, CHRC Vice President Norm’s last name is misspelled– it should be Fasoletos. Norm wins the “prize” for the most misspelled and mis-call signed club member! Sorry Norm! We’ll get it right in October!)